The Bahrain Conspiracy


The civilian ships in The Bahrain Conspiracy are entirely fictitious, although based on sound research of actual vessels. These examples are representative of the ships referred to in the novel. The ships in the story are modified to fit the story line. 

Baghi Ballia Star – 

Supertanker full of oil
Renamed Allah’s Glory at time of attack 

Diagram cross section view of typical supertanker

The Monrovia Jewel

Gas tanker with MIC cargo
Renamed Praise Allah at time of attack 

 Gas tanker Diagram

Nippon Holdings Swift Star

  Bulk carrier 

 Diagram of Swift Star cargo hold and cargo doors 

Remembrance – Northampton, U.K. (at Sand Island in Gulf of Aden)
Dependable Delight – Monrovia, Liberia

Agri-Unicon Beta – Nagasaki, Japan 

‘low at the stern leaking fuel and sinking’ 

Ca_al S_r_ic_ Boa_ #4 (Letters missing) 

no port (Canal Service Boat #4)

Sea Spirit – Sidney Australia 

Now used as pirate ‘mother ship’
Concealed Spirit- false name of Sea Spirit to get thru Suez 

Oil of India – Bombay, India

Food oils carriers registered in India

Volgaeft-139 Russian cargo vessel
Victors Pride as named by pirates
DuPont Chemicals #204 – fictitious call sign used by pirates along Ivory Coast

Neptune’s Trident’

The merchant ship the Malaysian pirates captured for their use. 

My Pleasure - Porto Novo, Cape Verde Isl. – 103’ yacht used by pirates 

An 85 foot yacht similar to the one that meets the Baghi Ballia Star Mid-Atlantic 

A 90 foot wooden yacht similar to the one involved with the Swift Star takeover 

The pirates use fast whalers to catch and gain control of the vessels they attack. Some of the whalers are heavily armed such as one shown at right.